The Perfect Planning Guard

Planning is one of the most essential business functions. For many organizations having your planning process right determines a great deal of your success. Therefore it makes sense to put effort into getting your planning as accurate as possible!

Increase the reliability of your plan

Whether it is (in SAP terms) MRP on classic MM, APO or IBP, the quality of the output of your planning process is determined by the quality of the data you use to create the plan. Master data, transaction data, having your organizational setup right, these elements determine to a high degree the quality, and thereby the reliability of your plan. 

Imagine being only 80% right. In this time, where it is more essential than ever before to have the right data on what and how much to produce, purchase, stock and thelike. Having this picture wrong (or at least not as right as it could be) has great impact on your logistical and financial performance. 

At McCoy we see that purchasing the latest and greatest planning tool is not enough. On top of the tool you need a solution that assures you are working with the right data. And thereby increasing the reliability of your plan from 80% to 90% plus!

Our solution

This solution is our Perfect Planning Guard. Guard refers to guarding the outcome of your planning process. It makes sure the data between your source system and your planning environment are consistent. We install it in between your source and target systems and it will give you instant insight into the quality of your data.

We have put over 100 years of working with logistics planning experience into the Perfect Planning Guard. For a relatively small investment you will have a very short timeframe for setup and install, and a swift result in monitoring, and more importantly, improving your data.  

Our mission

Our mission is to take our customers towards the perfect score. Meaning 100%. In everything you do. We know this is a very stretched target. But every point increase means a huge improvement in your company’s performance. 
Why not try our testdrive and experience for yourself what the benefits of the Perfect Planning Guard can be for your organization? Call Jeroen at 06-29581049 or mail us at